Process of Arya samaj marriage

Arya samaj marriage is the procedure of solemnizing a marriage following all the rites and rituals of Hinduism. A marriage certificate is issued after the completion of the ceremony. There are two witnesses required to testify about the marriage when required, along with this, videography and photos are important to record the event. 

The Arya Samaj wedding is very short and simple, yet follows all cultural values and traditions. This entire process of marriage takes only 2-3 hours. After this, the couple is considered as husband and wife and can start the new journey of their lives. 

If you are looking for someone to arrange the Arya Samaj marriage for you, let us take the charge. We help you get the marriage done, all you need to bring is 2 Garlands, Sweets, and Mangalsutra, and Sindoor. We take complete responsibilities of religious and legal formalities to make the process smoother and less time-consuming. 

Make sure the couple carry their individual documents namely birth certificate, and an affidavit stating the date of birth, marital status, and nationality along with two witnesses with their ID proofs. Also, the age of the bride and groom should be 18 and 21 or above respectively.

Follow the Step-by-Step Procedure for Arya Samaj Marriage:

First, make a checklist for all your documents so that you don’t forget to carry on your big day.

Step1: Make an appointment: In this step, you need to contact the Arya Samaj Mandir near your area to book the date that suits both of you. We take care of the appointment part for you.

Step 2: Finalising the documents: Our expert will check documents of both bride and groom along with the two witnesses’. Then, we will accompany you to Arya Samaj Mandir for document attestation and submission.

Step 3: Solemnizing the wedding: Once all the documents related formalities are done, the marriage is solemnized on the pre-fixed date with all Vedic rituals.

Step 4: Issuance of Arya Samaj Certificate: Once the marriage process is completed, the Arya Samaj Mandir will issue a marriage certificate on the same date.

Step 5: Official Marriage Certificate: For making your marriage official, you need to register it at the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) office. We will accompany you there and help you get all the legal formalities done. 

After all these steps, your marriage will get legal recognition and you will officially be declared as husband and wife.

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