List of Registered Arya Samaj Mandir in Delhi

Arya Samaj marriages are trending the most for being affordable and simple. Not only it is cost-effective but also it provides the certificate and legal validation before the eyes of the Indian law system. But for a valid Arya Samaj… Read More

how to file for divorce in arya samaj marriage

How to File for Divorce In Arya Samaj Marriage

Arya Samaj Marriages are the convenient and simplest way to get hitched even for the couples of different castes and religions. The Arya Samaj Marriage procedure is quite simple and it only takes a couple of hours for completion by… Read More

reasons why people choose arya samaj marriage

Know the Reasons to Choose Arya Samaj Marriage over Other Forms

We all know that Arya Samaj Marriages are low-cost and simple, but apart from that, there are many other benefits that you need to know if you are looking for reasons to choose Arya Samaj Marriage. Nowadays, people choose Arya… Read More